From Panduit to Corning, U1DS

has the diversified training, certifications and skills required to do the job. 

U1DS is a woman owned business serving the needs of St. Charles and the greater St. Louis area.

U1DS is specialized in Data Center work: 

*Cabinet installs/de-installs

* Server installs/de-installs

*All associated cabling

    * Copper

    * Fiber Optic

    * Coax


Today's world of technology continually progresses.  There's a constant demand for Information Technology to adapt and advance.  Businesses struggle to complete projects within budget.  Proficiency and teamwork are at a premium.  Unifed1 Data Systems is the perfect choice to install, repair or maintain any fiber optic, copper or wireless path "IT" designates.  Years of professional fieldwork and classroom experience provide the necessary skills and certifications required to unite a low voltage data/voice/video installation ranked #1 in performance with any business' needs - large or small.  Take the RIGHT path! Contact U1DS to install the BEST path!

Unified1 Data Systems